About us

Siska Gartika’s journey started 15 years ago, whilst our scientists were conducting research for a complete natural health supplement, it accidentally led to the discovery of this extraordinary formula that eventually transformed into an amazing skincare product. The discovery of the stabilization point connected various plant cells into a cream that eventually helped restore skin DNA from inside out!


Being the first one ever to discover this formula our scientist decided to go further into it, with amazing results. Since then the company conducted various research and clinical studies to produce this Beauty Skincare and finally after years – Siska Gartika Perfect Complexion Cream came to materialize.


The mission of Siska Gartika Skincare Worldwide is to give everyone a “Beautiful Perfect Healthy Skin”. We believe that the best you can get is gold, so we strongly feel that all the people in the world deserve a touch of gold.

The Golden Touch For A Perfect Beauty


SISKA GARTIKA – Perfect Complexion Crème was the innovation of Two Scientist Professor in Genetics Engineering and Micro-Biology.