Siska Gartika Perfect Complexion Creme



Apply on clean skin and massage in gently. For best result do not combine with other products.

A perfect cream that shows tremendous results within 24 hours. Skin becomes soft and silky with a healing tendency to damaged skin-cells. Surface of stretchmarks is improved by enhancing hydration. Keeps water in the epidermis, stimulates NMF( Natural Moisturizing Factor) levels and the quality of the hydrolipid film in the corneous layer, elasticity, smoothness and compactness – Protects and Strengthens the corneous layer in order to restore the skin barrier and increase epidermal cell regeneration.


Furthermore, it stimulates fibroblasts of the skin to produce new collagen and regulates correct assembly of collagen. The tissue of treated stretch marks results less opaque and more similar in colour to the tissue in surrounding which means that natural turnover of the stretch mark is improved. Years of research of stabilizing various plant-cells into 1 cream that show results within 30 minutes.

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Dimensions 21 x 20 x 8.3 cm
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