Siska Gartika perfect  complexion creme is created from a mixture of plant cells from exotic flowers and plants all over the world. It’s unique formula  – first in the world!! – regenerates skin DNA from inside out. All ingredients are natural with no artificial chemical. Siska Gartika perfect complexion creme is the first skin care product with a Halal certification.

15 Years of scientific research of stabilising various plant cells resulted into the creation of one creme that starts regenerating skin cells within 30 minutes!

Only Gold Is Good Enough

The clinical Studies showed

Tremendous results within 24 hours whereby, the skin become soft and silky with a healing tendency to restore and protect irritated and damaged skin cells

Smoothness of the skin improves after 28 days of application

New extracellular matrix proteins improving structural support and skin elasticity

Moisturizing and anti aging effect

Award your skin with the golden touch of Siska Gartika Perfect Complexion creme and you will be rewarded with perfect skin!