SISKA GARTIKA – Perfect Complexion Crème was the innovation of Two Scientist Professor in Genetics Engineering and Micro-Biology. The Discovery of the Formula was the first part of formulating a complete dietary supplement towards a healthy lifestyle. However in the first part of testing, various clinical trials were conducted on its effectiveness on Human Skin and it was discovered that it conforms to a perfect skin nourishment application that enhances moisturizing effect, rejuvenation, Anti-Ageing and protection from irritation and damaged skin.

The clinical Studies showed tremendous results within 24 hours whereby, the skin became soft and silky with a healing tendency towards damaged skin cells. It also improves surface of the Stretch Mark by enhancing hydration – Keeps water in the epidermis, stimulates NMF( Natural Moisturising Factor) levels and the quality of the hydrolipid film in the corneous layer, elasticity, smoothness and compactness – Protects and Strengthens the corneous layer in order to restore the skin barrier and increase epidermal cell regeneration.

The tissue of treated stretch marks results less opaque and more similar in color to the tissue in surrounding which means that natural turnover of the stretch mark is improved.

Nuclear DNA integrity is maintained with collagen induction increased (Type1 and Type III) collagen gene transcription and protein synthesis. This induces new extracellular matrix proteins improving structural support and skin elasticity. As for Collagen protection it inhibits the degradation of the collagen matrix and restructures the dermis. Collectively it favours extracellular matrix, improves Profound Hydration thus enhancing the production of Aquaporines, Hyaluronic Acid, GAB and Filaggrin moreover Protects DNA of coetaneous cells from oxidative stress – Anti ageing by strengthening the density of dermis and epidermis and restore and maintain lipid levels in the epidermis.

The Golden Touch For A Healthy Skin

Siska Gartika Perfect Complexion Cream is about 15 years of research in discovering the exact stabilising point of various ingredients to produce the one and only real effective beauty creme in the world.